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This girl must have seen me take some pictures of nails because she asked me as I was walking past her booth What I am doing with all those pictures of nails?I just looked at her and saw her nails and I did not know what to say. I just said boy you have nice nails.She said I just got them done before.I said to her I wish I could get some pictures of your nails ? She said, You can if you just tell me what you are doing with the pictures.So I told her I have a web page that I put pictures of nails and nail art on it for other people to see..She said why does anyone want to see pictures of nails for? I said lots of people like nails.She then said well how does this look? I said that will work..And I took the picture. The guy that was there with her just looked and did not say a word...It was sorta funny...He was just watching..