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As I was cruising through one of the stores I saw a girl that was on the phone.Some how I just knew she had nice nails.So I walked past her from inback of her and saw a set of nails that looked perfect. So I went over to the mens part of the store and looked at some things and I could still see her from there.She would put the phone down and then pick it up again..She did this at least 5 times.So I just timed it so I could get there just as she was putting down the phone..I just walked up and said, Hi I was wondering if I could get some pictures of your nails? And she said my nails why? what for? I told her I have web page that I show nails and nail art .She said I guess you can..This is the first time anyone ever wanted that. She said that she has a T on the back of her hand because she went clubing last night.I said I don't think that will make a diference. I asked her where she got her nails done and she said HOLLYWOOD NAILS.. The new place up new that place would get me more nail pictures..So then I asked her to hold the pennys like in the picture and Poor old me had to move each nail just where i wanted it for the picture..Then I got the picture..