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This girl saw me taking pictures of some other girl.And when I saw her she started walking away from me.I stoped her and asked If she would mind if I got some pictures of her nails and she said you don't want mine they are not as long as the other girls you took pictures of.I said you saw the nails on her and she said yes .Mine are short .I said your nails look great,I bet they would look great in a picture in a nail salon.Oh is that why you are taking pictues?I just said yes if it all works out.She said well do you want mine or not?I said yas they are the best nails I have seen all day.So I told her that I needed a dark background so the nails would standout and she put them on the wall and said how is this?I said that will work and I shot the picture.Then we got some more and I thanked her and she said I only let you do this because you said that they are the best looking nails you have seen today.And I bet you have seen a lot.  If she only knew how many I have seen...LOL..