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The other day when I was leaving burger king to go back to work I saw a girl that looked like she was trying to get in her car by trying all the doors. So my car was next to hers so as I passed by I ask her what the problem was. Well she said she locked her keys in the car and she needed to get the car open some how. Then I saw her nails..They were just under 1 inch long and they looked perfect...I thought the car could be opened with a coat hanger but I did not have one and she did not have one ether..Then I told her I would ask the people at the counter in the burger king if they had a coat hanger. So they gave me one and I made it so it could be used to unlock her door. I did not want to be the one to scrach her car so she tryed to use it but she could not hold it tight enough because of her nails..I just watched as she tryed over and over to work the wire but she just said my nails make it hard to hold the wire and it just slips..It was just the thing I love to see, A girl with long nails that needed help.. I watched her for a while as she tryed over and over and loved every min of it..  Then I was about to be late for work so I asked her to let me try  to get the wire to unlock her door and it worked...She was happy and I sure was... I love the damsels in distress because of there long nails...It was a great day...