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I guess I was about 18 yrs old because I was in a dance night club called Shadows.This club was the hot spot,The place to be to party.The first time I went there I could not beleave what I was missing.The place was full of girls and some guys..more girls then guys though. I went to the club with my two frends and what we do is split up and try to meet girls.Well the night went on and around 12:00pm the place was packed. I was standing by one of the bars looking at the dance floor. Then I saw these two girls standing on the dance floor talking to each other. They were dressed to the max,So of course I watched them as I was talking to some people I met at the bar. I noticed one of the girls had these highheels on that were very fancy.They looked like the one in the picture. Anyway I saw that the girl with the nice shoes on was not putting her foot down on the floor. She held it up as to not step down on it...I thought that was strange because she was just talking to her frend.Then she started to rub it on the floor like as if there was something stuck on the bottem of her shoe.She then pulled her foot up to see what was wrong with her shoe.I saw her doing something with her hand but it did not fix her problem. Then she asked her frend to try and fix the shoe, And It looked like her frend could not help her ether..She was getting frustrated So I went over because no other guys noticed she needed some help. I thought It would be a good way to talk to them...So I went over and asked her if she needed help with her shoe and she looked at me and said, Me and my frend just got our nails done and I have a thumb tack in the bottom of my shoe and it is sticking me in the foot...She said it was so hard to put my shoes on because the buckles were so small and with my nails it took for ever to put them on so I did not want to take them off to get the tack out of my shoe..Then she showed me that with her nails as long as they were she could not take out the tack..When I saw how she tryed to take out the tack and could not, It hit me like a brick...I thought it was so sexy to see her as a damsel in distress...And it all was because of her long nails...Her frend could not help her ether because of her long nails...But I got the tack out of the bottem of her shoe and we hung out and had a great time that night....I will never forget that night..