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This girl was walking in front of me and I was just trying to get ahead of her so I would be able to stop her and ask her for some pictures.I did stop her by passing her and then i got about ten feet in front of her and then I just stoped and truned around and she walked right into me.She said she was sorry and I said wow you have some set of nails.She said thanks and started to leave so I asked her if I could get a picture of them?I told her I had an idea about a picture of nails.She said ok what do you want me to do?I told her to just hold them out and she did it and I took the picture.Then I asked her if she made a fist could she just break off her nails?She said no way they are strong.And besides my nails are to long I can't make a fist.I asked her to try and she did and I said that looks like a good picture just hold that until I get the shot.Then in the back ground I herd someone say hey look he is taking pictures of her nails.And I don't like to draw people around me so I said thanks and walked away..