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This girl was the first one that I saw today.  I was not sure if I would see any today so I went and shot this picture.  She was in a rush so all I got was one shot.

This girl was great.  Her and the girl with her had some great looking nails.  She had no problem letting me get a few shots.  When her friend got off the cell phone I was able to get some shots of her nails too.  You can see her freinds nail on the rail in the picture on the right.  Her nails are below.  (Green ones)  They both had great looking nails so when I was finished with the pictures I just said to bad more girls don't have nails as nice as yours Don't ever cut them..with a big smile..They smiled and said oh never...

I was walking to my next stop to get some toys for my sisters kid. I spoil her every year.  So I went in the toy store and *WHAM* this is what I saw at the door.  She was a keeper for sure.  I even had trouble asking her.  I don't know why but at first I think she thought I had a speach problem.  Then I got over it and asked her and she said sure but they don't look that great right now.  I looked at her and said beleave me they look great.  They love it when they here that a guy thinks there nails look good.  She had a nice smile as she posed for the pictures.

This girl was on line with me and I had a little chat with her about her nails but I got the feeling she would not pose for pictures. I can tell most of the time.  Anyway then I said to her I know some people that would realy like to see your nail art.  And she said well you can show them if you want.  I said I would have to take a picture of it to show them.  She said you can if you have a camera.  So I pulled out the camera out of my shopping bag and she said why are you carring that around for?  I just told her I keep it incase I see something that would make a great picture.  So she held out her hands like on the left and I shot the picture.  Then I said I don't think the nail art would come out with out useing the macro setting on the camera so I got one more shot.  She was in a hurry so thats as far as I got with her...

This is the girl I saw with the girl that had the red nails above.  She had nice looking nails and little christmas decals on them.  This is the first time I saw this color and I must say it looks good to me.  Not much more to say about this girl other then what I said up by the freinds gallery up above.  

As I was walking to go home I said to myself if only I could find just one more model.  And what do you think happed?  I saw a girl that was odd looking but she had realy long nails.  I waited for her to finish buying some kind of jewlery.  When she turned to walk away I walked up and asked her for pictures.  She realy was not into it but after telling her how nice I thought they looked she was glad to let me get some pictures.  One thing that I noticed was that when she left the jewlery counter the two girls looked right at there own nails and frowned..they had poor looking nails. I know because I look at them every time I go to the mall.