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* JILL *

Here is a little insight as to how I met Jill. The food store that I use has a bank branch in it. And I always look over there to see who is working in there. I saw Jill on the phone and than I saw how nice her nails looked. I knew I had to ask her about getting pictures of them but she works with two other girls and a guy that seems to like jill very much. It is hard to ask a girl about getting picures of there nails when you have so many people right there looking at you. But one day Jill was by herself at the counter so I said to myself it's now or never ask her. So I went over and told her how nice her nails look and ask if it would be ok if I took some pictures of her nails for a web page about nails and she said sure go right ahead. We talked for about 15 mins and then we made a date and time to get the pictures and she said she gets them done every two weeks so if I want more all I have to do is see when she has a new look and set up a time to take more pictures.
Jill does not go online yet but she will she told me. I want her to see all the great nail pages on the web and see how her own nails look on here. Here are the fist shots of Jill that came out. I need a better camera then the one I have it just does not do what I need it to do.  Anyway here they are...  Mike.
The nail art is done free hand by a nail tech that I think is very good.

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