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After four trips to the mall in the last few weeks Today I was able to get some pictures.  For a short time I thought it was getting hard to find any nails much less Nice looking ones.  But as you will see they are still out there.  What I did notice is everyone was busy doing there shopping and realy did not have the time to let me talk to them much.  And in a way that was good because I had only 2 hrs to look around anyway.


This was the first girl I saw.  I was not going ask her for pictures because they did not look that good to me.  But then I said what the heck.  And to tell you truth they looked ok I guess.  She was happy to let get a picture of them.

This girl had lots of bags and I was not sure If I should ask her but I just had to so I got some.  The closer I was to her the better they looked.  She said to me that her nails where just plain.  Why would you want them on a web page for?  So I told her they looked good and people don't realy know how good long nails can look unless they see them in a picture.  When girls have long nails other girls don't realy see how they look.  But with the web page they can realy notice how nice they look.

    This girl was walking with her freind and I just walked up to them and asked them about getting a shot or two of her nails.  She just said sure, what ever floats your boat.  Then I saw the nail jewelry on her pinkys and it realy looked great.  I wish I got better shots but what can you do.

This one had nice nail art.  I wish more girls had nail art on there nails.  I think it realy makes the nails look good.  She told me that she gets compliments all the time on her nails.  I can see why they look great.

This girl works in one of the stores and I asked her about getting some shots and she said to me wait here for one min ok. So I did and then she got her two freinds who work in the store to let me see there nails.  She thought it was cool that I would put her and her friends nails on the web.  I gave her the url and she said she will check out my page and the others to..First pictures are of the one that I saw first and then her freinds are next.