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From what I hear striped nails are very comon at christmas time. I have gotten a coment that I need to show other types of nail art. I can only get pictures of what I happen to see. I think the nail art on this girls nails looks great.  I can tell you that the nail tech that did this is very good.  This girl gave me the nail techs card and said I should call her and get more pictures at the salon that she works at.  I am going to call her after christmas and see what becomes of it.  I like nail art on the nails more now then I did before.  And I think the nail techs need to get more credit for there work.

I must be getting very picky as what I like and what I don't like because I thought this girl had great looking nails until I realy looked at the pictures.  They don't look like a normal nails to me. The tip looks wider then the real nail and it looks odd to me.  The nail art looks good but I have to give it a thumbs down  for the nails them selfs.  Let me know what you think!

As I was going to try and find a music box for my sister I noticed this girl in the store and I ask her for a picture of her nail art and she said how did you see my nails? I told her I have been doing this all day and I they stand out so it was easy to see them. She held them out so I got the pictures.  When I asked her if she ever keeps her nails longer just like most of the other girls she said she did but wanted them shorter this time.  Oh well the art looks good and the nails do to..

Not much to say about this girls nails. She was in a hurry so this is all I have on her. I put this one in here because I have been asked to show more french nails so here you are..I am not crazy about this one..

This girl was walking very fast. I had to run to get close enough to see if it was worth getting a picture or not.  Uh ya I think so..She thought it was a strange request but she did the dime pose for me. I said is it ok if you are in the back ground in this shot and she said I model so I don't mind just hurry up. Well there you have it...her nails looked great!