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This girl was at the sun glass counter,  I saw her as I was passing by .  She works there and she was talking to some other girl about her nails while I was waiting to ask her if I could get some pictures .The other girl had real ugly looking nails.  I asked her about the nail art and if it would by ok if I got a picture or two and she said ok and grabed the phone.  I thought she was going to get me in trouble but then she hung it up and laid her hands on the counter and said hows this?  I said great don't move.Then I said show me your best nail so I can get a shot of the nail art.  After that I said I need just one more.  She looked at me and said ok how do you want them.I reached in my pocket and handed her the pennys and showed her how to hold them.  She said thats an odd pose,Do you think it looks ok?  I told her it looks great.  Then I said thanks and told her to never go short again they look great.  Her frend just turned and walked away.  I hope I was not making her feel bad..

This lady was walking out of one of the stores and I did not have time to get a good look at her nails but I thought they looked good so I asked her if it would be ok if I got a picture of her nails.  The first thing she said to me was,  Are you one of those guys taking pictures up skirts ?  I said why do you think that?  She just smiled and said I am just teasing you.  She said sure take a picture if you want.  I only Got one shot because I had my eye on a girl that was near us.  She was in a hurry anyway.

This girl was very pretty,  I saw her when I was getting the shot of the nails of the one above .  I waited for her to leave the store she was in and walked up and asked her about her nails and she said something to me but I could not understand what she said but it sounded nice.  It turns out she is from france.  And she did not know much english.  It was hard to tell her what I wanted so I showed her the shots I got before that I had in my camera.  Then she knew what I was talking about and was happy to give me some pictures.  As with most of the girls I get pictures from she told me her nails were longer at one time.  At least that is what I think she said.  I just told her that I like the way she sounded and that she had great looking nails.  She smiled and I left.

This girl was in a hurry and I did not have the time to get anymore pictures.  But at least she let me have this one.  She said her nails look yellow from the taning salon.  I guess the UV rays turn the nails yellow.

I realy had to chase this girl to get a shot.  Her and the frend she was with had to go home in a hurry.  She acted like she was mad at her boyfrend or something.  I tryed to get a close up of her nail art but it did not work.  Her nails looked good but she was in a real mood .

This girl works in a place called glamour shots.  She told me I should keep my eye on the place that she works at because she sees lots of great looking nails.  She had to get to work so I only had a chance to get just the two pictures.  I went by there and saw this guy that was working there and the place was dead.  Maybe next time there will be a nice set of claws there.

I hope I see better nails soon.  For some reason there are not as many nice looking nails around.  But I allways find some sooner or later. Have a great day.