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Here are some pictures I shot while I was shopping.I saw a lot more but it just did not seem to be a sure chance to get a shot.But at least this time every girl said go right ahead take a picture.I shot 9 pictures but for some reason only 4 came out.So here they are...


This girl was great,All she kept saying is it's ok I understand,Go ahead take a picture it's ok. 
This girl I just ran into at the food court.I looked down and saw her nails and I just said to her Wow what fancy nails you have,Whould you mind if I got a picture of them?And she said she thought they were looking a little yucky.So I said they look great.So she put them out just like you see them and I clicked the camera.

This time I saw two girls walking and they both had long nails but one had nails a little longer then this girl.She pleaded with me not to take a picture of her nails because she needed a fill in.So I only got a picture of her frends nails.Oh one more thing I found out,This girl here is a nail tech and she is the one that did her frends nails. 
Now this picture was tough to do,When I asked this girl about her nails she was on a cell phone and gave me a look like GET LOST.Then she ask me what I wanted and I asked her if I could get picture of her nails and she put her hand out to let me get one.Then I asked her to put out the other hand so I could get both hands in the shot and she just said no!So I only got the one hand. 

I have a girl lined up for a full photo shoot of her nails.I would have done it all ready but she wanted to get her nails done real nice for it.She works at a gas station,All she does is collect money from the people.So keep checking my page for that update.


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